The University Council of the Cuban American National Foundation (UC-CANF) is an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of Human Rights in Cuba and fostering a dialogue between Youth in Cuba and their counterparts around the world.

The UC-CANF serves to mobilize, equip and empower university students from around the world to promote freedom and democracy in Cuba and educate students in college campuses about the realities of the Castro regime.

UC-CANF is open to all students who wish to support and participate in the human rights movement on the Island. Students can work with UC-CANF in one of three ways:

  1. TAKE ACTION - Get involved with current grassroots projects and awareness campaigns in your area
  2. LEARN MORE - Cultivate your knowledge of Cuban issues and help educate your community
  3. CONTRIBUTE - whether donating your time, money, or ideas, the cause welcomes all with the desire to help

UC-CANF has also helped students establish a great pressence in their community by:

  • Creating a new UC-CANF chapter at their school or in their local community;
  • Working with UC-CANF through previously established organizations (e.g. Cuban student groups, human rights groups, Hispanic student groups, etc.); and/or
  • Working as an individual, unaffiliated student to host awareness events and support activist campaigns in Cuba


For more info, contact UC-CANF National Director, Danny Lafuente, at [email protected] or (305) 592-7768

November 4, 2011 @ 7:00 pm - 1:00 am